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The city of Abadiania is located in the central state of GOIAS in the Brazilian Altiplano.  It is aproximately 88 Km (55 miles) North East of the State Capital Goiania.  It is also about 98 Km (61 Miles) South West of the Federal Capital Brasilia.   The population of the Municipality of Abadiania according to the last census in 2005 was approximately 12,000 people.  The local authorities now believe that number is closer to 14,000 now.  Although only about 7,500 live in the part of town that is closest to the highway.  The rest are in the old city of Abadiania and in the rural areas surrounding the city which are also part of the municipality.  The original city was formed in 1953 and it is now known as old Abadiania.  Once the highway that unites Brasilia to Goiania was built, many of the residents of Abadiania were unhappy with the distance between them and this major throughfare.  Some of these residents began building their homes closer to the highway and eventually the city government was transferred to this area making it the official Abadiania.  The old Abadiania also known as Posse d'Abadia remains a quaint little village nestled in the middle of green rolling hills speckled with white Brahma cattle.  The elevation of Abadiania is 1,052 Meters ASL. or 3,455 feet ASL.  The principal industry in this region is agriculture and cattle ranching. 

Weather in Abadiania is classified as Tropical Savana (AW).  Concentrated rain showers in the summer months October through April and a dry season from may through September. The maximum precipitation generally occurs in December/January and the warmest months are September and October with average temperatures around 25o Celcius (77o F) although 40oC  (104o F) is not uncommon.  The coldest months are June and July with average temperatures around 18o C (64oF) and lows ao 12o C or (53o F)
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