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 Hospitals and Emergencies 
First Aid 
Government Emergency Health Stations
Known in Abadiania as the POSTO de SAUDE, literally Health station.  This is a government run health services center located in downtown abadiania, next door to city hall. It is open 24/7.  It is a basic health center staffed by some nurses and with part time visiting doctors.  There are two ambulances one is a mobile ICU (Abadiania is the only city in the country will less than 15,000 inhabitants that has a mobile ICU or SAMU as they are called in Brazil.)  The second ambulance is a converted small pick up truck which serves for most routine medical transport.  These two ambulances have to cover both old and new Abadiania as well as the rural areas in the municipality so availability may be a factor.  

There is also a family care clinic nearer the casa.  This is also a government run institution which deals with vaccination campaigns and other health needs of the population.

Hospitals in Anapolis 
Anapolis Is 45 Minutes From Abadiania By Car
Hospital Evangelico Goiano (HEG)
This is one of the best hospitals in Anapolis.  It is a private hospital with an emergency room  and 178 beds.  It is located in the center of Anapolis. The main Phone number +55 (62) 3099-9000 Address : Praca James Fanstone 60, Anapolis Goias.  
Hospital Santa Casa de Misericordia
This is a beneficent hospital with an emergency room and 206 Beds . Phone +55 (62) 3311-9900  It is located at Avenida Visconde de Taunay #134 Anapolis GO. 
Hospital de Urgencias de Anapolis (HUANA)
Also known as Fasa Hospital de Urgencias Dr Henrique Santillo.  This is a Hospital for urgent care. equipped with an emergency room, and ICU a children's ICU and 82 Beds. It also has its own blood bank. It is located at Avenida Brasil Norte 3105, Anapolis GO  Phone : +55 (62) 3098-8500
Hospital do Cancer de Anapolis
Hospital specializing in Cancer treatment.  Patients looking for a prescription for Cancer Pain medication should direct their inquiries to this hospital as they have doctors licensed to prescribe black label prescriptions generally used in Cancer treatment.  The hospital is located at Rua Doutor Zaqueu Crispim  Q 16, s/n Setor Bouganville - Anápolis - GO and the Phone number is :  +55 (62) 3321-9300
Hospital Espirita de Psiquiatria de Anapolis.
 This is a Beneficent Psychiatric ward and hospital. It is run my the spiritist community in Anapolis.  Located at Rua Allan Kardec #39, Vila Santa Isabel, Anapolis.  Telephone +55(62)3311-9000.
Other Hospitals in Anapolis 
 Hospital Cardiológico 
Tv Dr Maurity B Scobar, 60
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75020-270
Telefone: +55 (62) 3327-0080

Hospital de Doenças Renais de Anápolis 
R. Amazonas, 5
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75024-080
Telefone: +55 (62) 3321-3896
Centro Oftalmologico de Anapolis Ltda
Rua Arinesto Oliveira Pinto 215
St Central - Anápolis - GO
Telefone: +55 (62) 3321-1138

Centro do Tratamento do Calculo Urinario
Praça James Fanstone 60
St Central - Anápolis - GO
Telefone: +55 (62) 3311-5488

Hospital NS Aparecida 
R. Cel Batista, 29
Setor Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75044-490
Telefone: +55 (62) 3098-1011

Hospital NS de Lourdes 
Pc Bom Jesus, 177
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75025-050
Telefone: +55 (62) 3311-2024

Hospital Ortopédico de Anápolis 
R. Manoel Dabadia, 29 an 102
Vila Jussara - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75123-030
Telefone: +55 (62) 3098-2146
Hospital Otorrino de Anápolis 
Av. Xavier Almeida, 87
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75020-130
Telefone: +55 (62) 3324-1632

Hospital Queimaduras 
Av. Divino Pai Eterno Q 17, 950 lt 14
Vl Góis - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75120-370
Telefone: +55 (62) 3327-0735

Hospital S Judas Tadeu 
R. Da Doca, 26
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75020-180
Telefone: +55 (62) 3324-1093

Hospital S Zacarias 
Av. Getulino Artiaga, 26
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75025-070
Telefone: +55 (62) 3321-2555

Hospital Sta Paula 
R. 1º Maio, 213
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75020-050
Telefone: +55 (62) 3324-0098

Clínica Hospitalar Matermaria 
R. Cde Afonso Celso, 223
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75025-030
Telefone: +55 (62) 3324-8696

Clínica Hospitalar Sto Antônio 
R. Sócrates Diniz, 325
S Central - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75025-020
Telefone: +55 (62) 3327-0639

Clínica NS de Lourdes 
R. Br Cotegipe, 387
Cidade Jardim - Anápolis - GO - CEP: 75080-720
Telefone: +55 (62) 3099-6008

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