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Remote Healing or Photo Visits 
What is a Remote Healing/Photo Visit?

During a photo visit someone physically presents your photo or that of your loved one to John of God during one of his work sessions at the Casa.  During this time he is incorporated with one of the spirits that assist him in his mission.

The Spirit will briefly regard the photo and either:

  • Keep the photo for further energetic interaction.
  • Return the Photo with a prescription for herbal supplement
  • Mark the photo with an "X" to call the person to Brazil for a spiritual intervention. (Usually this also incldues a prescription for a Passiflora Herbal Supplement)
  • Occasionally he may also verbally invite the person in the photo to visit him in Brazil.  This is a more general invitation and it does not mean he sees the need for an intervention.

Alternatively you may request that your photo be placed in the prayer basket next to John of God during the session.  In this case the photo will not be physically regarded by John of God but the benevolent spirits will certainly give it their full attention.  In this case there is no option for a prescription.


There is NO CHARGE for presenting a photo or placing it in the prayer basket.

If you are prescribed a Passiflora Supplement, there will be a charge as follows.

  • Charge for purchasing the herbal supplement at the Casa Pharmacy (Approx US$25 but fluctuates with currency.)
  • Postage Fee for delivering the supplement to you
  • Handling fee for the person in charge of processing the prescription for you

In the case you are issued a prescription you will be contacted with the specific charges. 


You will receive and automated acknowledgment when your request is received.  After that you will only be contacted if your photo received a prescription. 

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