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Places of Interest 
 Posse d'Abadia or Old Abadiania.  This small village, nestled in the green rolling hills of the nearby farms is the original Abadiania.  Old Abadiania retains most of it's quaint original flavor and it is home to many relatives of the current residents of Abadiania.  Visit the old church and stroll through the main square for a sense of what life must have been like fifty years ago in this region.   When the highway uniting Brasilia to Goiania passed through this region, many of the residents moved closer to the highway to facilitate business with the major cities in the region.  Eventually the city government also moved to the current location of Abadiania.
 Trindade de Goias,  This entire town near Goiania is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.  The main avenue crossing the town is decorated with  life-size statues depciting the stations of the cross. This lends a devout flavor to the whole city.  Of the many churches in town, the contrast between modern day Brasil and the history of this region is most obvius when you visit the Churches of the Holy trinity.  The new church is a grandious building that serves the growing numbers of faithful that file every week seeking miracles and blessings.   While the old church, located near the main square in the center of town is a monument to colonial artisans and to the humility of their faith.  It's altars carved entirely out of wood are a sight to behold.  Every month, Arthur leads a Sunday tour to visit Trindade and participate in the celebration of mass.  Please contact him at the casa if you would like to join a tour.
 Salto Corumba,  This private recreation area is home to one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region. The resort itself has a river running through it, two swimming pools, two water slides, a restaurand and a bar/cafe as well as camping and picnic areas.  The waterfall is reachable after a short but fairly steep hike which will reward the visitor with spectacular vistas and photo opportunities.  You can book a private tour with your favorite taxi driver or go with a larger group of you contact Papaleguas transport.  (If you are in treatment, please make sure to ask the entity for permission before you embark on a trip in the middle of your stay in Abadiania.)
 The Esplanada is the name used to describe the area of Brasilia that houses the Federal Government.  Brasilia is an engineered city originally built in the shape of an airplane.  The Federal Government buildings are all located in the front of the plane ahead of the wings.  The center area, flanked by the ministries, the cathedral , national library and national theater buildings, houses some of the most dramatic architectural designs in the world.  The Senate, building, the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace all bear the unmistakeable signature of Oscar Neimayer, Brazil's most famous Architect.  A quick visit to this area of Brasilia will allow you to take unique Photographs that will allow you to convey some unusual stories to your friends and loved ones back home. 
 Church of Dom Bosco.  This exquisite church built almost entirely of blue glass panes is one of the favorite destinations in Brasilia.  Although the church is fairly large, it's spectacular architectural design and the warmth of the local faithful make it a very cozy and prayerful environment.  The church is a blue Oasis of tranquility in the middle of a very busy urban area.  A definite must see when touring Brasilia.
 The National Cathedral is another of Oscar Neimeyer's architectural wonders.  A must see spot in Brasilia. The Modern design of this Cathedral is impressive by any standards.  Architectural buffs come from far and near to photograph, Brasilia's Architecture.  Although it lacks the warmth of the Dom Bosco church, it is still an important stop in your Brasilia Tour.
 Do not forget to ask the entity if you can go visit these sites during your stay in Abadiania
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