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 The Soup Kitchen 
Towards the turn of the millennium the entity Dr.Augusto asked Martin and Fernanda the owners of Pousada Irmao Sol e Irma Lua to take on a project to build a Soup Kitchen in Abadiania.  His instructions were very clear, this was not to be a place to feed the poor. It is a place where anyone who is hungry can get some nourishment.  His tone implied clearly that in his view there are no poor spirits, only hungry bodies.  After many of the same complexities that surround any construction project of this magniturde, the CASA DA SOPA was inagurated in 2004.  

In addition to providing food, the CASA DA SOPA also is involved in helping local children and their families. The after school program is teeming with young excited children who are reluctant to go home after experiencing the love and care that Helena doles out freely every day.  Giving away clothes, blankets, school materials and toys is also part of this labor of love.

Christmas Celebration
Christmas is a time for celebration at the soup kitchen.  As the holidays near the volunteers prepare a full meal for 5 to 6 thousand guests and give away thousands of toys to the local children. Usually, Santa Claus also pays a visit and entertains the children who eagerly await their turn on one of the many colorful rides. A dunk-tank, a huge slide, even  a mechanical bull are rented for the day and occupy the street in front of the Soup Kitchen. The mid-day celebration celebration is then followed by live music into the evening. 
Children's Day Celebration
On October 12th every year, Brazil celebrates children's day.  On the closest Saturday the soup kitchen organizes a feast.  Serving 5,000 + Hot dogs, Pop corn, soft drinks and cotton candy.  Inflatable games are rented for the day, sometimes a mechanical bull.  Usually Medium Joao gives a speech thanking the citizens of Abadiania for their support and pledging to continue to help the town in many different ways.  There are lots of opportunities to volunteer at this event.  Just show up in the morning ready to work hard and with a smile on your face.
 2009 Christmas Party 
 Message from Helena Haje The Director 
The casa tha Sopa is a labor of love, and we are grateful to Joao de Deus for giving us the opportunity to touch so many lives.  Please come see us the next time you are in Abadiania.  You are welcome to have some soup or to get your hands dirty and help in the kitchen.    Helena 
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