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Travel Safety Administration 
Secrets from the Travel Pro's
If you do not travel enough to justify the effort of becoming a "DHS Trusted Traveler", there are still many things you can do to make your pass through the security check easier and faster.
  • Wear Shoes you can take on and off without bending down. (You will be glad you have them on the airplane as well.)
  • Wear a Belt with little or no Metal
  • Strap a zippered camera pouch to the outside of your carry on luggage. You can put all your pocket items, watch, cellphone, pen and other metal objects right in there before you go up. You will be less likely to lose anything and you will not have to separately  pick up each item on the other end.
  • Use a zippered clear plastic necessaire for your on board liquids. This way you are always compliant with the regulation.
  • If you have medical metal in your body carry documentation and x-ray with you. 
  • Have your passport and Boarding Pass in your hand.
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS Use TSA approved locks when traveling out of the country.
  • Weigh your luggage at home. Avoid costly excess baggage fees!!
  • Do not bring travelers checks.(Very hard to cash here) 
  • Divide and Stash your cash in different places on your body. (pocket,belt, ankle wallet)
Baggage Limits by Airline 
Because of a special government requirement, most airlines have a special baggage allowance of 2 bags weighing 70lbs (32Kg.) each for round trips to Brazil.  This applies only for trips to Brazil.  Verify your airline's allowance below.
 NOTE: Brazil's domestic airlines will generally honor the same baggage allowance you have on the international ;leg of yur trip if your domestic leg is booked on the same reservation as the international one and with a partner airline.  If you try to save money by booking a separate bargain fare on a domestic airline you may end up paying more than the difference in excess baggage fees.
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