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 Visas & Passports 
Brazilian Visa Requirements 
US Citizens

As of June 2019 US citizens who do not intend to reside in Brazil, DO NOT require a visa to enter Brazil as a tourist.  All that is required is  a valid US passport.  If you are a permanent resident of the US but are not a citizen you must consult the requirements for visas for citizens of your country or origin.  Please see the link below.

 If you hold a Passport from a country other than the United States.  PLease click here to see a list of countries that are exempt from a visa requirement to enter Brazil.

Tourist Visa Fees
 NOTE : An additional US$20 fee is applied if your Visa application is not presented in person at the consulate.

Visa Application Fees

Canada $ 65.00
Russia, Japan $ 50.00
Nigeria $ 40.00
Australia $ 35.00
Mexico $ 30.00
Other countries
$ 20.00
Brazil Tourist Visa Application Form

Click here to fill in the Tourist Visa Application form at the Brazilian State Department Website.  Each applicant must present a completed visa application form.  Click VISA REQUEST in the third box.  Then select TOURISM.  Fill in all the information required then print the receipt page with the barcode. (The form contents are stored online at the Brazilian State Department.)  You must affix your photo and sign the form before sumbitting your application.)

Click here to find Agencies that can help you get a Brazilian Visa without going to the consulate in person.  These agencies are well connected to the consulates and can usually process your visa quite quickly. Most consulates covered!!!  You can also find same day US passport renewal services

Click here to find the address of the Brazilian consulate that has jurisdiction over your area of residence.
You must mail your application to the appropriate consulate or your application will be rejected.

For more information read the Brazilian Consulate Visa Information page.

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